Robux Code Generator

What are Robux and are can you Really get them for Free?

If you’re not an expert just yet on the Roblox community, you might be wondering what are Robux anyway? If your kids are on Roblox, you’re probably asking why they need money to play on a free online platform. The reason is that they need Robux, which is the online virtual currency used on Roblox, to purchase virtual products sold on different games in the Roblox community. What do they purchase?

  • Improvements for their characters/avatar
  • Enhancements in their gaming experience
  • New tools or cosmetic items for their avatar
  • Premium assets created by the game developers on Roblox

Obviously, this makes Robux a hot commodity, and the more Robux you have, the greater you are as a player. It affords you the opportunity to buy more, engage in the top games, and improve your ability to beat friends and other players, in the games you’re competing against them in.

How Exactly do these Scams Work?

In recent years, more and more scammers have been utilizing Roblox Robux online generator codes, claiming that people can get free Roblox, by earning the generator code. So, how does the scam work? First off, you’re taken to the generator website. Here you’ll be requested to provide numerous pieces of information in order to receive your giftcard generator code.

What exactly will you answer/do to get the free Robux which are being offered through these online generators? Some scammers will ask you to

  • Enter your personal information (name, phone, email, etc)
  • Complete surveys and waste countless hours clicking on links
  • Subscribe to paid SMS services
  • Install third-party adware software
  • Fill out form after form (after form, after form, and so forth)
  • Share the site/link on your social media profile

Why do scammers do this? For the most part, they want your personal information so that they can use it for improper purposes. But, more importantly, they’re earning a few cents for each innocent soul that clicks on their link, and goes through the motions. So, they might earn a couple of cents for each individual who inputs their personal information and contact information. Or, if someone completes a survey and downloads the software the scammer is promoting, they will earn profits for this as well.

It’s a never ending circle, and victims are not only entering their contact information, but are wasting hours of their time, in providing scammers with the resources and ammunition they need, to keep going with their scam.

Why Roblox is a Target that Scammers Utilize Frequently

Again, users are as young as 13 years of age, and in many cases younger, as the site has no way to really verify with 100% accuracy a person’s age. So, if the individual creates an account, and says they are 13, they can create their online avatar. It’s a social networking site where kids and adults alike, can play games, engage in communication, and engage in friendly battles in the games they love to play. Furthermore, you’re creating fun characters, you can modify how your avatar looks, and you can play with friends in different group settings of the games you love.

Scammers will add links for giftcard generators online, and use interesting phrases to get a child’s attention. They’ll specifically include the words Roblox Robux online generator codes or free giftcards you can use on Robux. They’ll make their content clear, and indicate exactly how to receive these fake codes.

Another prime reason why scammers will target Roblox is that they themselves, might be the creators of games on Roblox. Those who create games on the platform aren’t paid directly through Roblox. The site is a free peer to peer site. However, creators of the top games on the site, can earn thousands of dollars per month, whenever other players on Roblox are purchasing virtual items through their games. Meaning, each Robux spent on their game means they’re earning a profit. Greedy scammers or those who aren’t earning much of a profit on the games they are creating, might try to target innocent teens and players, into believing the giftcard generator is real, and scamming them into filling out those extensive forms online so they can make money this way. Although it isn’t as common as rogue scammers, you do have some online gaming developers, who aren’t earning much of a profit, who might try this tactic in order to trick other players into believing they’re going to get free Robux, only to go through an endless cycle on their scam generator site, leaving innocent parties with viruses on their computer, and several hours of lost time in search of free Robux that don’t exist.

Roblox scams are also created because a majority of the online community is made up of those who don’t have a disposable income. Remember, they’re kids, and they’re 13 years of age (oftentimes younger). So, the idea of a generator website claiming to have “Free Robux,” or stating “Click here for your Robux,” is something most children are likely to do. They want to buy those high priced items on their favorite games in order to beat their friends online. Or, they’ll receive a link from a random user on the site (which might be one of those rogue game developers not earning money from the games they created), telling them to click on the link to get their free bucks. Once they click the link, they’re led through the endless circle of these online generator scams, only to find they’ve wasted 2 hours on surveys, and the link doesn’t work when they go to collect their reward.

The End Result… Your Account Gets Banned

What happens to those who get caught trying to get “free” Robux that never existed? Their accounts get banned. They can’t play on the platform any longer and engage in the social gaming experience they love. You are likely going to be taken off the platform. And, your parents are going to be pretty upset that you used their credit cards to buy that software which scammers asked you to buy in order to get your free Robux.

In addition to having your Roblox account banned, you’re probably also going to have a few viruses and malware turn up on your PC after you finish clicking on all of the infected links that the scammer added to their fake generator website. If it seems too good to be true, more often than not it is.

Let’s put it in simple terms that most people will understand. Roblox has this hot commodity, their Robux, which they’re charging people to purchase. It’s how the site thrives, makes money, and keeps the platform up and running. Now, imagine that there was really a Roblox Robux online generator that gave away free Robux. The site would go broke and wouldn’t survive. If there were infinite Robux out there that people could just find for free by completing a few surveys, the Roblox Corporation would lose it’s greatest asset, and ability to make money, which is by selling Robux online.

It’s Not Just the Roblox Platform Where People are Getting Hacked Either

Although Roblox is a prime target of these fake, free giftcard generator websites, this isn’t the only online target where scammers are creating fake websites, in an effort to get innocent people to waste their time online, to believe they’re getting free giftcards, only to learn they never existed. There are countless of online generator websites offering free giftcards or free money for completing surveys or trying out a particular software. These sites aren’t legitimate, there is no free money out there, and you’re simply wasting your time, energy, effort, and becoming overly stressed at the end of the day.

Imagine if Amazon or eBay giftcards were readily available for free online. Why would Amazon and eBay sell their own giftcards through their site? The same goes with restaurant cards or other online retailers. Scammers have taken to Roblox in recent years, simply because of the fact that there are so many innocent kids, who will believe their scam and go along for the ride. But, other websites and fake online generator websites, are also out there offering other free gift cards and free money. Don’t waste your time, energy, and effort, and don’t end your day by pulling out your hair because you got scammed online. The truth of the matter is, there aren’t free gift cards out there. With this being said, there are legitimate survey sites that require you to complete tasks and projects, which allow you to earn gift cards. However, these sites will never request your personal information or ask for a credit card, or require you to purchase some SMS services. Legitimate sites will offer legitimate offers and cash back, in legitimate ways.

If something seems off, it’s likely because it is!

How to Avoid the Scams… Some Tips to Understand What’s Real vs What isn’t

Of course, the best way to avoid the scams is to avoid clicking on these links all together. They’re not only fake, these online generators are also going to fill your computer with viruses and malware, they’re going to gain access to your email and send countless spam emails, and they’re going to infuriate you in the end.

But, there are some simple ways for you to spot something as a scam, because hackers today are extremely talented in creating these fake online generator accounts, that even the most well-educated adults would fall victim to their schemes. Some ways you can spot fake generator and scam sites include

  1. Look at the site’s contents; many of these scam sites will ask you to “confirm you’re human” at the end, read between the lines and check descriptions on the site
  2. If you have to jump through 20 verifications, don’t move forward
  3. Look for the “S” in HTTP(s). If there’s no security, or if you don’t see the little lock (which indicates a site is secure) don’t proceed in filling out forms
  4. Think of it this way… if it’s free, you’re the product!
  5. Remember we highlighted sites that allow you to earn capital to purchase gift cards (ie a site like Swagbucks is legitimate); however, these sites are not promoting free gift cards or virtual currency for nothing.
  6. If you’re asked to buy something via SMS (some kind of trial or software) don’t move forward
  7. If they request bank details, personal information, passwords, or other information, leave the site/link, it’s a fraud

Remember, Roblox is never going to ask for your personal information or contact information either. So, if you click on a link, that is telling you that you can get free Robux, but you need to provide personal information, it’s not secure, and it’s not promoted by Roblox.

If a site’s legitimate, you can easily spot that the first time you visit. If, for any reason, you have your doubts or feel uneasy about something, trust your gut and best judgment, and leave the site.

Help Stop these Scams and Protect Roblox

The best way to stop these scammers and hackers in their tracks is to avoid clicking on the online generator and links all together. But, if you’ve been led down the rabbit hole and wasted your time, and learn halfway through that it’s a scam, click out of the link immediately. Although you’ve wasted your time, at least you haven’t given up too much information (hopefully) and didn’t purchase anything the scammers tried to sell you.

In order to stop these Roblox Robux online generator scams, people have to step up. Some things you can do include

  • Share the link you clicked with Roblox administrators
  • If someone on the platform sent you the link, report that person to administrators
  • Post messages on platforms to let other users know to avoid these links and sites
  • Spread information about the misinformation out there, and let people know what’s real and what isn’t

And, possibly the best defense (apart from not clicking the link at all as mentioned above) is to use your common sense. Think about it, if these Robux were really out there, how would Roblox survive? How would the site make a profit and how would game developers make any money on the platform? It would be impossible. Use your best judgment when it comes to Robux online, or any giftcard generator for that matter. If something seems off, if it seems like it’s too good to be true, and that it’s too easy for you to get something, that would otherwise cost money for you to purchase, more likely than not it’s not legitimate.

Step up and Help Improve the Roblox Community

Keep the Roblox platform safe and fun for all. If you notice any of these scams or online generators floating around, share the information with the community and report the users who are spreading this information. It’ll help prevent further scams from moving forward. It will also ensure you’re not banned from the site for trying to get something for free, and you’ll help keep the online gaming community safe and fun for all who love to play and engage in competition on Roblox.