PlayStation 5 Features

PlayStation 5 gives you everything you could want from a gaming system. The PlayStation 5 console opens up new gaming opportunities that you never thought possible. Experience lightning quick loading with an ultra high speed SSD, deep immersion with haptic feedback, faster and deeper gameplay, and new, innovative PlayStation 5 games.

Lightning Fast Loading The PS5 allows you to load up your favorite games instantly. Load up the latest releases, favorite games from last year, or popular games that you haven’t had a chance to play for a while. In seconds, you’ll be playing. Experience ultra high speed loading with an ultra high speed SSD, deep immersion with haptic feedback, and all-new revolutionary PlayStation 5 features like optics and adaptive controllers.

Experience More Immersive Gaming The PlayStation 5 console brings an entirely new dimension to online gaming. With its new slim design and advanced technology, you can now play games that are played from the couch. Play in high definition or take your games wherever you want to play them. Experience true gaming excellence with the PlayStation 5’s amazing new features.

Game Better For Your Personality The PS5 offers users two customizable control options: physical and virtual. Each allows gamers to choose the style of controller that matches their personality and style for the ultimate in gaming enjoyment.

Experience Your Style The PlayStation 5 gaming console has a variety of features and options to help gamers personalize the experience. Whether it is the easy access to your favorite songs through a USB device, the ability to change the background music, or the ability to adjust the color and size of your picture, there are features that make your gaming experience truly your own.

Game Better with Friends Plays with friends on your PlayStation and test out the PS5 games that you haven’t even played. Not only will you get to play games that you love but you will also see what other gamers are playing and hear what they are playing. It’s like having a real life competition.

Enjoy Your Favorite PlayStation Sports With PS Plus You can play all the hottest games that are exclusive for PlayStation Plus subscribers including sports games that include football, baseball, golf, hockey, basketball, bowling, soccer, tennis, track & field, BMX, NASCAR, rugby, darts, car racing, cricket, etc. With PS Plus, you can play games like Golf, Tennis, Motorbikes, Archery, Track & Field, Bowling, Soccer, Shooting, Boxing, NASCAR and so much more.

Play with Friends, Stay Connected With PlayStation Plus, you can connect with friends in new ways. Get the latest news on your PlayStation through PlayStation Now, find friends you met online and share videos, listen to your favorite radio stations, stay connected with your PlayStation community and more.

Experience Your Style With the New DualShock 4 controller The new PlayStation 5 gaming console features a new dualShock 4 controller that includes the ability to play with both a right and left hand analogue stick. Users can navigate through games more intuitively thanks to its motion-sensitive features.

Play the Game You Want When you want, not when you want There are no more excuses to play the boring game when you don’t feel like playing it. With PS Plus, you can now choose the game, the platform, the time and the environment that match your style and needs.

Enjoy Your Entertainment Whether you want to watch TV, listen to music or play games, the PlayStation 5 gives you the ultimate control over how you experience the media. No more waiting for the DVD to arrive or for the game you have been saving to download. Now you can always access the media you have already saved and play the latest releases without ever going back to the store.

Enjoy Your Gaming with New Connectivity The PS5 has an enhanced ability to be used as a home entertainment system. It also has Bluetooth compatibility to allow you to connect wirelessly to your PlayStation console for wireless game play. This new technology ensures that you can play with friends who have a PlayStation as long as you both have an active Internet connection. With the PS5, you can also enjoy a full home entertainment set-up with built in speakers, a Blu-ray player, DVD player, TV and more.

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