Asus TUF Gaming H3 Review

Why You Should Buy This Headphones Instead Of Other Ones

The latest addition to Asus’ TUF gaming headset family is the H3, a headset that comes in the form of an inbuilt microphone and speaker. However, it also has some added features including a headphone amplifier, volume and mute controls, and a gaming mode that adjusts the headset’s volume to give a realistic gaming experience. The H3 also joins the other more expensive TUF headsets such as the H5 and H7 as a low-cost alternative for gamers on any platform, from Xbox 360 to PC or mobile phones.

The sound quality of the H3 is good. There is no distortion to the sounds and the audio can be clearly heard. But there are a couple of problems with the microphone and sound quality.

For example, the sound does not come through when you talk on the phone – you get a muffled and distant tone for your voice. And while the quality of the sound is decent, it doesn’t live up to its hype as far as audio clarity goes.

Another problem is with the microphone. The microphone on the H3 is attached to a separate transmitter that is attached to the back of the headset and can be heard when the microphone is placed in front of the user. The problem here is that the sound quality is somewhat low compared to that of a wireless microphone, so there is little point in having the microphone attached at all.

And while the headphone amp on the H3 is respectable enough to provide a decent wireless audio quality, the volume and the quality of the sound on the headphones are not so high that they will really make a difference in games. And the headset’s gaming mode does make a difference – it makes the sound louder and less distorted, but unfortunately the problem with the mic is that even with the volume set at its maximum, the sound quality is not good enough to make the difference in playing the games.

Of course, when you combine the sound of the headset with the sound quality of the microphones and the quality of the speakers, the result will be something that sounds close to perfect. It doesn’t have the wow factor that the sound produced by the more expensive models have, but it’s good enough to produce a good gaming audio experience with enough clarity to justify spending the extra money for it.

Audio quality and sound clarity are not the only concerns with the Asus H3. The H3 also has a few drawbacks that you should be aware of. It has a low battery life, and while the headset offers a good level of comfort to users, it can be difficult to recharge when you need it.

A final note is that Asus TUF products are only available in Taiwan, but it will be coming to other markets soon. It may be wise to look for a second hand product if you’re looking for a cheap headset. The price is right.

The design is definitely reminiscent of the HTC Wildfire, but it is made from plastic rather than metal. It looks very sleek and sophisticated, but it lacks the pizzazz and unique appeal that the Wildfire possessed. That’s OK, though, because the build quality is surprisingly good.

Sound quality is good, though it isn’t as clear as you would hope for. That’s probably due to the microphone’s poor audio quality. and the speaker’s sugar output.

You do have to unplug the USB cord from the USB port to recharge the battery every once in a while, so this might not be the best choice if you don’t like constantly pulling out the plug in order to charge your headset or gaming device. Otherwise, the battery life is adequate for what you’ll be using it for – about six hours on a full charge.

If you want to buy an affordable headset but don’t want to compromise on sound quality, the Asus TUF Gaming H3 is a good choice. If you want the best sound, you’ll be much happier with the sound quality of the other models on the market.

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